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A world that puts our seniors first



​To engage African American older adults throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County in enhancing their quality of life through advocacy, education and increasing access to community resources.

Advocates for African American Elders, Los Angeles County and Orange County partners with community-based agencies, governmental organizations, and health plans to advance health equity for Black/African American older adults in communities throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County through advocacy, community outreach, engagement, and organizing, and health education. AAAE also collaborates with local healthcare providers to improve outreach, education, and care, and assesses service needs and resources through surveys and educational forums, and engages in Community-based Participatory Action Research to provide real-world solutions for improving health outcomes and to build community research and advocacy capacity.


Community coalitions are more powerful than when acting alone. Bringing together community stakeholders from two counties – Los Angeles and Orange County – builds leadership, increases community capacity and sustainable action campaigns. Black/African American older adults are residing in segregated, under-resourced communities in LA County/Orange County and dispersed, hardly engaged or counted in Los Angeles and Orange County. AAAE creates a unified voice for Black/African American older adults in Los Angeles and Orange counties to identify common and unique key drivers of health inequity that impact our communities, to uplift Black/African American community priorities, provide a roadmap for action, and support communities where Black people thrive.


Get Connected & Be of Service with AAAE

Contribute your wisdom and valuable expertise to help shape our future by volunteering with AAAE.


Join our AAAE research team and become a valuable and trained interviewer to assist with AAAE research projects that interest you and that benefit our communities. Compensation is available for your time.


Become a volunteer by assisting AAAE with events, outreach, education, and connecting with community members to keep them informed about important events impacting our communities and ways to advocate.


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